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Dear Browning High School community,

 As we prepare for the time of year to reflect on how good our family, friends and loved ones have been to us, it is with graciousness, gratitude and thankfulness that I address this letter to you today.  As a family, community and team, you have been so amazing in all your support for the students and staff of Richard D. Browning High School.  I cannot express how full my heart is when I think about the support you have extended to us. I am deeply moved to have such a wonderful school family. 

We have been through the first quarter of our school year, and the outpouring of parent support for our teachers is phenomenal.  Teachers often reach out in a time of need and our proud parents have been extremely supportive.  It is hard work to be a parent, to questions our students/young adults about school and friends, to hold the line on behavioral expectations, to demand they achieve their academic best, and to push them toward their future dreams.  However, you have demonstrated over the past few weeks and months that our home school connection is strong and our parent/guardians believe we are a team working together for the success of students. Thank you for believing in us.  Thank you for trusting your student’s academic development to us and thank you for standing strong with us.  We are determined to make great things happen for young people.

As we progress into the holiday season, please take a moment and be reassured that we are grateful for you.  We are grateful for your partnership with us in the PTSA.  We are grateful to you for answering our calls when we herald a need.  Whether it be a can food drive, professional clothing drive or just support keeping students on track, you are truly our partners in education and we are thankful to partner with you.  Best wishes to you, your family, loved ones and friends.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Anderson

Principal's Message

Welcome to Richard D. Browning High School

Dear Browning Parents/Guardians and Community,

April is Autism Awareness Month.  Our Browning school site community will engage in a series of weekly announcements to bring awareness to our selves about autism. Select students will be able to share awareness facts, details and history of autism and Autism Awareness throughout the month.  Join us in developing our awareness of and support for autism and people with autism. 

 Put on the Puzzle! The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is the most recognized symbol of the autism community in the world. Autism prevalence is now one in every 59 children in America. Show your support for people with autism by wearing the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon – as a pin on your shirt, a magnet on your car, a badge on your blog, or even your Facebook profile picture – and educate folks on the potential of people with autism! To learn more about the Autism Awareness Ribbon, click here. To purchase the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon for your shirt, car, locker or refrigerator, click here.

Connect with your neighborhood. Many Autism Society local affiliates hold special events in their communities throughout the month of April. But if you can’t find an event that suits you just right, create your own!

sff logo 157x150Watch a movie. Did you know that something that seems as simple as going to the movies is not an option for many families affected by autism? The Autism Society is working with AMC Theatres to bring special-needs families Sensory Friendly Films every month.

Donate to the Autism Society: Help improve the lives of all impacted by autism with a financial gift to the Autism Society. 


Respectfully yours,


Dr. Anderson                           


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