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Principal's Message

Richard D. Browning High School

Dear Browning Parents/Guardians and Community,

As we enjoy these beautiful summer months, it is important to keep our young scholars physically and academically active.  Students need to physically move and decrease screen time to ensure passing the California State fitness exam. Students will also need to read, practice math concepts and have evidence based discussions during the summer to keep them academically sharp. Please consider these three summer tips for physical activities and three tips for academic activities. 

For physical activities students could benefit from less screen time and more time walking, running, riding a bike or skating.  Many students enjoy gym sports, boxing and meeting friends to workout.  Second encourage your student to stretch and physically improve their flexibility.  This is helpful for the fitness exam as well as releasing stress.  Third have your student engage in collaborative play or team sports at a local recreation center also family game night is a fun alternative.  This will help to build social skills and physical fitness.

As for those academic engagement activities try these three strategies to help keep your young scholar sharp!  First, try weekly trips to the public library for the Summer Reading Program or to just pick up a book, magazine or newspaper and read daily for at least 20 minutes. High school students should focus on reading at least 30 to 40 minutes daily.  Once a love for reading develops, your student will read for hours and enjoy going to wondrous places through books. The Signal Hill Public Library will have the Grand Opening event in August 8, 2019.

Second, have your student use Khan Academy and practice their math concepts from the prior year and try out their next level math course concepts to help get them familiar with terms and possibly processes to solve equations/problems for the next academic year.  Third, ask your students about their views on current events.  Have them give you evidence from the news, social media or something they've read or heard to support their belief or position on an issue.  This could make for some exciting dinner conversations.

Finally, in closing enjoy the summer, return to school safely on August 28th.  We will miss you and wish the best for you and your family.


Respectfully yours,

Dr. Anderson                           


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