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High School Credits and A-G Requirements

High School Credits and A-G Requirements

High School Credits

5 credits per class completed (D or higher)

A-G Requirements

(C or higher)

History/Social Sciences 30 Credits 2 years
English 40 Credits 4 years
Mathematics 40 Credits 3 years
Laboratory Science 20 Credits 2 years
Physical Education 20 Credits  
Language Other Than English

10 credits in Language Other Than English 


10 credits in Visual/Performing Arts

2 years
Visual and Performing Arts 1 year
Electives 60 Credits 1 year (College Prep Electives only)
Total 220 Credits  


Earning Credits

A student can earn 5 credits per class for each semester, if they earn a grade of A, B, C, or D at the end of the semester.  The student will not earn credits if they receive a F grade at the semester.  They will have to make up credits in summer school or in another semester.


A =  5 credits

B = 5 credits

C = 5 credits

D = 5 credits

F = 0 credits

On track for Graduation (Credits)

Yearly Credits to be on track for graduation:

  End of 9th grade                        60 credits

  End of 10th grade                     120 credits

  End 11th grade                          170 credits

  End of 12th grade                      220 credits