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Admissions Requirements

California community colleges are required to admit any California resident possessing a high school diploma or equivalent. Additionally, California community colleges may admit any nonresident possessing a high school diploma or equivalent or anyone (resident or nonresident) over the age of 18 without a high school diploma or equivalent who, in the judgment of the board, is capable of profiting from the instruction offered.

Community colleges may admit minors who do not hold high school diplomas, or equivalent, to its credit courses as special part-time or special full-time students.

Most community colleges have established requirements for K-12th grade concurrently enrolled students.

Interested students should contact the college's admission office.

Early registration for courses

Priority registration allows students to register early so they can get into courses before they fill up. First, students must:

(1) Participate in orientation

(2) Complete the assessment process

(3) Develop an Education Plan with a counselor or advisor

Achieving and maintaining priority registration helps students get into the courses they need to reach their goals and will help them stay on track and take the most direct route from start to finish. Find out more at the Step:Forward website.