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Principal's Message

Welcome to Richard D. Browning High School

Dear Browning scholars & families,

We are excited about the 2018-2019 school year, the developments of our beautiful  Browning High School facilities, the Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation and Culinary Arts Pathway, and that you will be a part of our Browning family.  Congratulations!  You are about to step forward toward your college and career dreams.  The teachers and I are very excited and highly committed to invest in your success.

Your high school experiences will engage you in collaborative, interactive academic challenges and empower you for multiple college and career opportunities.  You will work hard, but you will enjoy the academic hard work because it will all be connected to your passion for  hospitality, tourism, recreation and culinary arts. 

Your high school experiences are designed to build a foundation for dual enrollment coursework, CSU/UC a-g requirements, high school graduation and ultimately college and career opportunities. You will be expected to complete academically challenging course work, projects, volunteer hours and industry specific internships as a requirement in this pathway. Your counselor and teachers will explain more about those requirements and support you and your family navigation through high school. The entire Browning staff and I look forward to your social-emotional growth, well-being and academic development.  Be the very best you can be, everyday.


Warm regards,


Dr.  Anderson, Principal