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Junior Year (11th grade)

Junior Year College Checklist


  • Take challenging courses 
    • Continue sequences in languages and electives
    • Challenge yourself with AP and Honors courses.
  • Keep your GPA high!
    • Colleges are most concerned with 10th and 11th grade grades.

College Applications

  • Talk to your parents and a counselor or teacher about what colleges you are eligible for and interested in.
    • Begin a list of colleges to which you want to apply.
  • Visit as many colleges as you can
    • Prepare a list of questions to ask when there.
    • Try and visit when the school is in session so you can:
      • Talk to students that go there.
      • Sit in on a class.
  • Start your personal statements.
  • Begin your High School Planner for your CSU application at
  • Investigate scholarship opportunities.
    • Register for accounts on sites like,,
  • Begin any applications you can.
    • The Common App opens for the following school year on August 1st.

Get Involved

  • Join or start a club at school (especially one related to your major/career interests)
  • Start or update an academic resume.
  • Compile a portfolio that highlights your activities, best academic projects, special skills and talents.
  • Volunteer for activities related to your major/career interests.
  • Get a part-time job, internships or do job shadowing in a field that interests you.
  • Take a summer session course at a community college or university that offers such programs.

Entrance Exams

  • All schools require SAT and/or ACT (Except for the Community Colleges)
  • Register for the ACT , SAT , and SAT Subject Test
  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT in the fall.
    • Be sure to check if SAT Subject tests are accepted where you are applying.
    • Make sure to fill out the section to send your scores to colleges you are applying to.
  • When you register, be sure to indicate where you want your scores sent.
    • If you're applying to ANY CSU, use code 3594 to have your scores sent to ALL CSU's.
  • Fee Waivers:  Two per test IF you receive free or reduced lunch.
  • Practice ALL tests before taking them.
    • Free test prep materials available on Khan Academy.
    • Secure a ride, eat breakfast, arrive early, and don't forget your calculator, #2 pencils (with erasers), and an ID!