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9th grade year

9th grade schedule

9th graders are currently taking 8 classes for the 2017 Fall Semester. 

Here are the courses students are currently taking.


1.  English 1-2  (5 Credits)

2.  Algebra at Your Service (5 Credits) or Geometry (5 Credits)

3.  Biology 1-2 (5 Credits)

4.  Physical Education 9  (5 Credits)

5.  Spanish 1-2  (5 Credits) or Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2 (5 Credits)

6.  Introduction to Geography (5 Credits)

7.  Culinary Arts 1-2  (5 Credits)

8.  Digital Imaging (5 Credits) or Student Council (5 Credits) or Yearbook (5 Credits)


Students can earn a maximum of 40 credits for their 2017 Fall Semester.

Freshman Year

  • Build a Four-Year Plan
  • Become familiar with the High School Graduation Requirements
  • Become familiar with the A-G Requirements (UC/CSU)
  • Monitor your grades on School Loop and ask for assistance from your teachers when needed.
  • Begin thinking about what you want to do after high school both academically and career.  
  • Take the PSAT 8/9 test on October 11.  Link PSAT scores on to
  • Work on your grades!  Aim for A’s and B’s in all of your classes. Attend tutoring if needed.